About Us

Lee Sanchez & Mark Callazzo partnered up to bring Atlantic City a food and beverage scene like we haven't experienced before. In the process of the Tennessee Ave. take over, Mark & Lee conceptualized Bar 32 Chocolate, a location that fulfills life's simple pleasures. With hand-made chocolate, curated playlists, and crafted cocktails, the guys truly made Atlantic City's best after-dinner destination. 

Mark & Lee plan on continuing their path in building Atlantic City's hospitality scene one location at a time. Stay tuned for updates and more as these two pioneers make waves. 

Our Chocolate

Bar 32 chocolate is Tanzanian Cacao that is imported and made in-house. Our chocolate bar infusions are sourced with the most premium ingredients found on the market: Maldon Sea Salt, Marcona Almonds, Luxudo Cherries, and more. All Bar 32 desserts include our in-house chocolate, this allows our pastry chefs and mixologists to get funky with the pairings. 

Bar 32 Chocolate also provides an at-home experience, with products like hot chocolate tins, double chocolate brownie mix, cookie batter, scented dark chocolate candles, and of course our small batch chocolate bars. 


Fine Tuned Playlists

Each Bar 32 chocolate bar offers a fine tuned playlist to pair perfectly with the delicious chocolate melting in your mouth.

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Desserts & Chocolate

Our desserts and chocolate are the perfect after-dinner sweet to finish out the meal. Click the link below to give our menu a gaze. 

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Cocktails & Pairings

Our cocktails and wine pairings are curated by our in-house mixologists and wine enthusiasts. We make sure each taste of chocolate is paired perfectly.

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Our Sister Restaurants

Bar 32 Chocolate is a proud family member of the STW Hospitality Group.